I am here to give a testimony that can be useful for you.

I have had many problems in my life: financial, sickness and family issues. All are getting into shape by doing the following:

Reading the Bible every day (at least one chapter a day) and write the Bible verse by saying your intentions and meditate on it a lot of prayer and allowing God to do his part, be patient…

I have been saved in many ways, the Lord has kept his word and has not failed, Luke 1:37 “For, with the Lord, nothing is impossible”. I was so bad off I asked the Lord in willingness and confusion if I would ever recover and live a healthy life again and said he would help me.

For the past 7 years I’ve been watching a known preacher on YouTube. I’ve received so many invitations from different churches to join their services but instead I prayed to God to guide me to a church that’ll change my life forever and make me a better person. Eventually one day after a 16 hour overnight shift, God told me to come to the Gospel of Grace Baptist Church in Taunton. I felt welcomed and judgement free from the moment i walked in. I knew this was the place for me. My families lives have changed tremendously because of this church and and our faith in God has made us who we are today.

I’m not the same as I was 7 years ago. I am a new creation made to live well and so good, which is most important to others and those who have blessed me, and my 3 wonderful children. I live with hope and God inside of me now, and there is no turning back. Regardless of what once rebuked and condemned me from this life, my purpose is different: it is the purpose of God.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit are what drives me now. I am more functional and apart of life: more than I was before, and many have come into it to bless my families and me. God said that it is good that man should not be alone Genesis 2:18. I have not been alone or without, and he has provided good faithful people to be part of my life and to help and encourage me. I have my Blessed Pastor Tony Alves, brothers and sisters from the church and families today that only God could have worked into my life and blessed us.

I pray my brief story touches one person and gives them hope.

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