Generosity is a natural outcome of our relationship with Christ. God calls us to give Him everything: the time, talents and resources He has blessed us with here on earth. As we do so, we become more like Him; the generous Giver of all things.

By contributing to what our church is doing in our communities and around the world, we are using what God has given us to share the good news of Jesus by serving others.

We give not because we have to, but because God first gave to us, and we do so with a joyful heart and generous spirit. Doing so ends up benefitting us far more than it costs us.

If you have questions about Online Giving via Zelle Tranfer (Bank of America) or Cash App, please contact Rev. Pastor Alves for more information and details:

Phone Number: 508-292-5088;


If you want to donate any Tithes or Offerings during Coronavirus Quarantine Season, these are the right ways to do that:

Mobile Cash App – $gospelgrace2020

Bank of America – Transfer | Zelle® – 508-292-5088 (Gospel of Grace Baptist Church, Inc)

Bank of America – Direct Deposit (Gospel of Grace Baptist Church) –

Routing Number: 011000138

Account Number: 00466-354-2011

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