“Thank You Father God for saving me. Thank you Father for still be faithful in every season, let my heart be tucked into reality and our spirits be anchored in that truth.” Never wavering, but standing tall on the firm foundation that He will always make good on His promises.

My name is Edson Levy. I’m a child of God. I was born and raised as a Christian. My mommy is a prayer warrior, and a woman of God and I can tell you for sure I know Prayer works.
I came to this great country, US at 15, at 16 I got way from church and away from God’s Words, but looking back God almighty never left me. Thank Jesus.

In December 16, 2016 I got diagnosed with chronicle kidney disease I was so scary and hart, after talking to my doctor and he gave me all the instructions and all the plans we would have to do, my wife Marina asked me, what you are going to do? I told her “I’m going back to where I know I will find  Healing, Peace, Comforts and Courage to fight this demon”. I went back to church and started to meditate on Healing words of our father God.

My Pastor Tony Alves, a great man of God, once taught me how to declare my healing and how to rebuke my sickness in Jesus name. With all the prayers from my Pastor, my Wife, my Mother from my Sister and my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  in September 19, 2018 after one year and seven months of doing dialysis (I hate that) I got a transplant for a new kidney, from my mother-in-law, who used to live with us then.

God is so amazing and great full that didn’t have to look far for a new Kidney.
He’s the God of miracles and I believe that. He’s a Way maker.
Thank You Jesus .

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