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First Message of the new year 2021.
Biblical Text: 1 Samuel 30: 1-20

– Great storm (tribulation, adversity) rushed over the life of David and his men – v.  1-6

Transition Point:
– We are all liable to face great storms at some points in our existence.  (John 16:33, Psalm 34:19)
– Today’s biblical text in 1 Samuel 30.1-20 teaches us some actions to be taken in times of great storms / adversities in our life:

I.) Revive in the Lord – v.  6 b
– “David struggled in the Lord” (ARC);  “David was revived in the Lord” (ARA);  “Was strengthened in the Lord” (NIV);  “The Lord … gave him courage” (NTLH).
– “… from weakness they drew strength, became powerful in battle and put foreign armies to flight” (Heb 11.34).
– In the most difficult moments of life, we either rise up finding strength in God, or we will be defeated.

II.) Consult the Lord – v.  7.8
– We need to learn to consult the Lord before making decisions, especially those of greater importance.
– Joshua and the leaders of Israel stopped consulting God and were deceived by the Gibeonites to whom they were imprisoned – Josh 9:14

III.) Act based on the Promises of God, on the Word of God regardless of circumstances – v.  9.10
– God directed David to pursue his enemies.  Based on that Word and this Promise of God, David acted.
– Although not all of David’s men were able to go ahead, David remained steadfast in his action.
– “Simon answered him, Master, having worked all night, we caught nothing, but under your word I will cast the nets” (Lk 5.5).

IV.) Count on God’s Providence – v.  11-16
– When God’s purpose is to lead us to victory, He will always act on our behalf through His Divine Providence.
– Notice how in the life of Joseph of Egypt, everything was God’s Providence.

V.) Fight decisively with all your strength – v.  17
– Act decisively, do what needs to be done, face the problem head on, face to face;  overcome all tiredness, gather all your strength, fight!

VI.) Recover everything you can recover – v.  18-20
– Don’t settle for less, don’t settle in some kind of comfort zone.
– Seek to make up for lost time, your family, your marriage, your children, your possessions.

– The same people who talked about stoning David (v. 6), now honored him (v. 20).
– The storms / adversities that God allows us to go through can be disguised opportunities for Him to honor us, for Him to confirm our leadership.
– They are certainly opportunities for us to acquire great experiences with our God!

Blessings in Christ,

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