My experience with the church has been incredibly profound. Prior to attending church I had no relationship with the Lord. I knew he existed and believed in him but never really prayed or sought after him. Going to church opened up my heart and mind to the Lord and his significance and most importantly his sovereignty! My journey with my faith thus far has included many ups and downs and falls accompanied with many “getting back up’s” but one thing I know without a doubt now is that my Abba Father will never forsake me and is always by my side through EVERYTHING!

He has healed me in so many ways from depression, lack of self worth, identity crisis, but one that truly stands out for me is how he healed me from gastrointestinal issues that I dealt with for over a decade! I used to suffer from intense pain and discomfort that was often debilitating.

I remember there were so many days where I would go to sleep with pain and wake up with discomfort for weeks on end.  On many occasions the pain was so debilitating that I didn’t want to go anywhere, I would only want to stay home. My quality of life was extremely poor and I almost never had energy or the drive to do anything. I saw so many doctors and took so many tests and every single time they couldn’t find anything. I tried so many natural homeopathic remedies and some slightly helped and others did nothing. I accepted that dealing with the pain and discomfort was going to be my life forever. My God had other plans for me though… last year I started realizing that I wasn’t feeling the pain as much until it just completely went away! The Lord is indeed in the business of healing as he did it for me and for so many others. He has transformed the way I think and now I only want to glorify Him in all I do. For the first time in my life I’m excited for my future because I know it will be bright and filled with success. All the many good things I’ve experienced and received is only because of Jesus. The church is what opened that door for me and taught me that Jesus loves us so much and cares about every aspect in our lives. Through faith and belief we can do all things through Christ.

I truly enjoy going to church and singing worship songs administered by the worship team and listening to Pastor’s sermons, I learn something new every single time and I leave with thought evoking questions that I’m excited to delve into and figure out through the Holy Spirit. My life is not perfect and neither is anyone else’s but knowing that the Lord is on my side and ordaining my steps keeps me going and keeps me fighting for what Jesus died for, An abundant and prosperous LIFE!! 🙏🏽

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